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Furies at Helena Anrather Gallery

Helena Anrather presents FURIES. If this is the “Year of the Woman,” it has been a confounding one. Fresh waves of female outrage have been lately lauded as a force of change; but this rage itself is fed by a sense of eternal return.  Witness the uncanny parallels to the last so-called Year of the Woman: in 1992, a perpetrator of sexual assault walked roughshod over his victim’s accusations on his way to grabbing power over the bodies of millions of women as a member of the highest court in the land.  And today the perpetrator has our molester-in-chief cheering him on.  The problem seems intractable, and the conversation is continuously stalled.  But even when they are—like so many today—speechless with rage, artists can initiate other kinds of dialogue, opening up space for new expressions, responses, and exchanges.  This show presents a visceral encounter with the volatile substance of fury, exploring the ways in which it is both specific and acutely contemporary—grounded in the lived experiences of inhabiting a female body today—and in some ways universal, activating the body itself as a contested site of control and resistance in ways that span division and defy monolithic categorization.  As 2018 closes with an unprecedented number of women elected to power, the gallery dedicates its last show of the year to them.

"Mutual" 19 x 15 inches, acrylic on linen, 2018


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